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Once Your Business Plan is Ready
You Need to Plan Your Funding Strategy

Private Funding

Going Public

Crowd Funding

Most start-up or early-stage companies look for private investors to raise their first capital. Typically the easiest source of private funds is family and friends. There is also the possibility of seeking 'Angel' investors, who are wealthy 'accredited' investors. Angels are a great source if your business has exceptional potential and a lot of 'sizzle'. The key to success with either of these private investors is offering real growth ... and finding the right way to reward them as you grow.
Companies that 'go public' to raise capital face huge challenges these days. Once upon a time it was simple for small lower revenue companies to go public and get early or initial stage funding. These days it is extremely difficult, or often, impossible ... and always very expensive. Regulations for initial public offerings require audited statements and significant revenues. There are still other more simplified ways of going public that are 'exempt' from the 'full' registration IPO rules.
Crowd Funding is a new type of funding that was introduced fairly recently as costs and regulations dramatically increased for public funding. Initially, companies or entrepreneurs could offer products and other rewards for 'crowds' (lots of individual investors) who were not accredited investors. Now, with the new rules, companies can offer shares and financial rewards for funding. This is a very exciting new way for small or start-up companies to raise money.

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