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Are you tired of wasting time? Are you frustrated that you haven’t figured out the best strategy to raise capital? Your ‘jaw-dropping’ Business Plan is the single most important tool that will unlock Investor funds for you. If you don’t ‘WOW’ your targeted audience … you have no chance of funding success!

Hopefully, you have already checked out your Business Plan ‘Cheat Sheet’ … (If not CLICK HERE). The more important question is … Do you know all the answers to the 35 questions posed in that planning document? If not, I’d like to offer you a dirt cheap solution.

Our experts have created and compiled a 40 plus-page ‘Business Plan Insiders Quick-Start Guide’. This professional guide will help you navigate the issues that will face your company as you go through every step required to best succeed with investors.

This guide will help you focus on the ‘right’ stuff you need to highlight as you write your business plan. Even if you think you are going to hire a consultant like us, or any outside professional to create your plan, this is a ‘Must-Read’ resource.

Have you finally decided you want FAST results creating a world-class business plan … whether it’s your first time trying … or the tenth time? If you are a serious entrepreneur or business owner, you SHOULD know when you need help. And the most important thing any new or growing business needs … almost as much as you need air to breathe … is quick access to desperately needed capital.

We have found there are two distinctly different groups of people who need money to grow their businesses. The first group KNOW they are only days away from getting all the money they need … and the second group has no clue how they will ever raise money … or at least serious doubts about the complex process.

Whichever personality type you are … this Business Plan Quick-Start Guide will give you the right perspective and a lot of important information.

I have a secret to tell anyone in group one …

You want to hear the most common thing I hear from entrepreneurs before they start raising capital?

‘My Business or Business Idea
is a ‘Can’t-Miss’ Slam-Dunk Money Magnet!’

I get it! You know you have a ‘killer’ business idea.

You have a BIG Vision that you know will dominate your industry …

AND You BELIEVE in your ‘bones’ that you are the next great visionary leader … like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. That’s okay … confidence is a good thing … as long as you hedge your bets and make smart choices by being prepared for ALL possibilities.

The rest of you reading this have all kinds of doubts.

For those of you who have lots of questions and doubts about the capital-raising process … we truly understand what you are going through.

You’re tired of struggling without the money you know you need … that will take your company to the next level.

You may even have multiple business degrees AND management experience working for a big company … but raising capital for your own business is a HUGE challenge for virtually every entrepreneur. You need to pull out all the stops.

This means I recommend you don’t take shortcuts or skip any potentially helpful steps … (and I know this will sound self-serving, but this is sincere advice: I made many costly mistakes myself when raising capital for my businesses, trying to ‘save money’ by not working with pros).

The bottom line is make certain you invest in the tools or professional help you need, early in the capital-raising process.

In economics and business, experts often talk about ‘Opportunity Cost’. This means you can cost yourself income even if you spend no money.

I have an example from my own past. A partner and I had decided, in the early days of computers to buy a computer to automate our business. We immediately found a top mini-computer manufacturer that had a computer with all the features we knew we needed. The cost was $31,000. My partner was so insistent that we could save some money if we ‘shopped around’.

So we waited …

Long story short, with business pressures and distractions, it took us two years to ‘study’ the market (it was waaaayyy back in the early days of computers) … and when we finally bought the computer (from the same company, by the way) it cost us even more money!

The big mistake was not the extra money we spent, but the missed opportunity and extra revenue we did not earn, by not being first to market and dominating the industry.

This is a critical error that many entrepreneurs make.
The key is to be smart AND take action decisively. And that lesson definitely applies to preparing your company the ‘right’ way to raise funds from investors.

Here’s a sampling of the things you will learn
in your Business Plan Quick-Start Guide …

  • How to structure your company to attract more investors.
  • How to overcome the ‘Fear-Greed’ concerns that ALL investor have.
  • When to use the a little-known tactic that is ‘win-win’ for you and your investors.
  • How to keep your business plan from immediately being tossed in the dumpster.
  • Does your company pass the ‘Sizzle’ test? If not how to improve this.
  • Why you should raise capital in stages.
  • How to format your business plan to stand out from the crowd.
  • What is the real value of your company?
  • What does Ethics have to do with successfully raising capital?
  • How to avoid common pitfalls that drive investors away.
  • AND much, much more …
This 45-page guide will help you plan the ideal strategy for your company’s capital-funding campaign. Plus, it will give you an ‘insider’s edge’ about how investors work and think. These benefits alone should increase your odds of funding your company.

Best of all, this valuable guide is available for you, today, at less than the cost of a cheap dinner out! The regular price for the Business Plan Insiders’ Quick-Start Guide is normally $47 … but we like to reward decisive people who take action fast.

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