Need Help Creating a Business Plan that Attracts Investors?

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Warning | a Business Plan is not a guarantee you'll get funding!Most Business Plans Don’t Help You Raise Money!

Raising capital is the top priority for  most growing company owners and CEOs. It challenges, confuses and distracts even the sharpest most experienced business leaders.

It’s easy to fall in love with the old-fashioned business plans (still) taught in many college and university business school programs.  In school you do get an “A” for effort … In the real world theory and “old-school” rules do NOT work.

Sadly, the typically respected “old-school” route will most likely lead to capital raising dead-ends and failure.  Imagine this common scenario:

You invest a huge amount of time and effort creating a HUGE monster-like “phone book” (great as a door stop) clone … and dream about your “certain” award-winning accolades … followed no doubt by money raining from the investor heavens …

You end up with a “bound” document suitable for display in a glass enclosed case in your corporate museum that will celebrate your $1 Billion plus success story.

ALARM bells should be going off in your head by this point.

REALITY is far different!

Big fat old-style business plans do NOT work any more! (I know there will always be exceptions … so don’t spam me with the few “lucky breaks” you heard about or saw …)

This “New-Age” business world is all about business efficiency and “warp” speed change.  Investors and funding institutions have the attention span of toddlers. Unfortunately, many funding company decision-makers use the same kind of short-term foolish decision making logic that toddlers use.

Bottom line:  Your Funding Plan needs to be short, compelling and complete.

Okay … I’ll get off my soap box and stop my rant. Obviously, there are brilliant experts that fund deals and creative geniuses that seemingly create money out of thin air. These rare people are truly few and far between. However, I wanted to be dramatic to grab your attention and get you to focus.

Raising money is very serious stuff.  It is most often brutally hard work. You need to learn a new set of skills and develop the right mindset to succeed in the funding arena. Your goal is to stand out and excel during this incredibly challenging process and use every tool, strategy and trick you can find.

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